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Murano Artistic Glass

About us

Artistic glass has been made in the Venice lagoon since the 7th century, but it was not until the 13th century that it began concentrating on the island of Murano when, for safety reasons, the Republic of Venice ordered all the glassworks in the city centre to move to the island and introduced sanctions preventing the art from being practised by those not registered or wanting to move abroad. This is the start of a long artistic history, with formulas and secrets unmatched anywhere in the world handed down within the families from father to son. The aim of the mark Vetro Artistico Murano is to safeguard this unique ancient art and continue the tradition.

The Vetro Artistico Murano is a mark of origin certifying glass products entirely made on the island of Murano. Set up and regulated by Veneto Regional Law Nr.70 of 23/12/1994, it guarantees that the glass product was actually made on the island of Murano. A guarantee for the customer, safeguarding one of the most famous symbols of Made in Italy and protecting the fruit of an ancient tradition going back thousands of years.

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